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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Top 10 of 2010 - # 7 and # 6

This is my Top 10 Red Rider Sports Blog Moments of 2010. See the full list of posts here

Got some catching up to do. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and took some time to relax with loved ones.

Back to business. I'm going to do two items per day for the next three and then the #1 Orrville Sports Blog happening of 2010 will be a post all it's own either Thursday or Friday.

Today, it's #7 and #6 on our list.

#7 - Girls Basketball wins the OCC title

A tough one to put at #7, but that goes to show how good of a sports year we had in Orrville.  It was the first outright title for the girls since their initial year in the OCC (2003) and was the first outright title in any girls sport since 2008 when girls track took the OCC crown.

Overall, it was the 3rd OCC title the girls program has won since joining the OCC.  They shared the honor in the 2004-05 season with Madison, Lexington & West Holmes.

The 2009-10 title year saw the girls go 13-1 in the OCC, which is impressive enough no matter what conference you're talking about.  But especially in the OCC where night-in and night-out quality teams like West Holmes, Wooster, Lexington & Mansfield Senior are waiting for you.

#6 - Tim Hiller wins the Wuerffel Trophy
Sort of a technicality, since Tim was named the award winner in December of 2009, but the official trophy presentation happened back in February and deserves a spot on this list in my opinion.

Haven't heard a lot from Tim lately but I've read that he helped out a high school team around Kalamazoo, MI (QB coach, of course) and I'd imagine he's staying in shape in case another opportunity surfaces with an NFL team.  He attended at least one of Orrville's basketball tournament games over in Canton last March and was the guest speaker at the most recent Orrville National Honor Society banquet.

You'll probably hear Tim's name mentioned as a past winner when this years Wuerffel Trophy is awarded to Texas' Sam Acho in a few months.

It's great looking back on this great honor that Tim received.  It really summed up his career quite nicely.  A combination of talent and service to others.  Something every student-athlete should strive for.  Orrville remains proud of Tim and his accomplishments and how he continues to carry himself in professional and humble manner.

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