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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Top 10 of 2010 - # 10

This is my Top 10 Red Rider Sports Blog Moments of 2010. See the full list of posts here

Business, as it relates to the 2010-11 Winter Sports schedule, hasn't quite kicked in to full gear yet, so things are a little slow around these blog parts.  So what will I possibly do to fill time between now and 2011?  Why a "Top 10" list, of course. 

Today kicks off the "Top 10 Blog Moments of 2010." It's a mix of Orrville Sports happenings and happenings connected to this site that may not be 100% related to OHS sports....but still very noteworthy, to me anyways.

We'll do one of these per day leading up to the #1 moment of the year.

But before we move forward, let's look back at a post from late in 2009.

Remember that "12 Days of Christmas" thing I did last year around this time?  It's here if you need a refresher.  Of the things I actually "wished" for on that amazing number of them came true.  Let's review.

Wish #1 - An OCC Championship (Boys).....Still waiting.
Wish #2 - Tim Hiller getting drafted....He got signed as a rookie Free partial credit.
Wish #3 - (Ohio Northern) Polar Bears in the playoffs....happened.
Wish #4 - 6 straight wins over know that happened.
Wish #5 - New football unis...actually happened.  The most unexpected one on my list.
Wish #6 - New Field turf....sigh...not yet.
Wish #7 - 10th Regional Appearance (boys basketball)....yes indeed.

Not too shabby.  I'll retire this one while I'm ahead.

On to the 'Top 10,' beginning with...wait for it....#10.

#10 - The All-Time Captains list. A blog moment to kick things off, but one with a lot of historical significance, and a great reference tool.  In my opinion, this defined the purpose for this site more than probably anything I did this year.

I had a partial list of captains, but had some gaps.  That's where you, gentle reader, came to the rescue as you've done more often than you'll ever know.  Facebook served as an invaluable tool in reaching out to graduates from the 80's and 90's in trying to complete the list.

Easy enough, right?  One down.  Feel free to discuss your 'top Orrville Sports moments in the comment section.  We'll see how our lists compare, and maybe you'll think of one that I hadn't.

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