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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Top 10 of 2010 - # 9

This is my Top 10 Red Rider Sports Blog Moments of 2010. See the full list of posts here

Today we're up to #9...and it's one with plenty of personal significance for me, and not much at all to do with Orrville Sports. I'll get this one out of the way and the rest of the list is Orrville-centric....I promise.

#9 - Getting published on CNBC.  This was a pretty cool "feather in the cap" moment for me.  I enjoy Darren Rovell's CNBC documentaries (his latest on franchising is awesome) and his twitter is, to me, the be-all-end-all when it comes to the mix of business and sports.  So to be featured on his site at CNBC was a real honor for me personally.

It was cool being 1 of 12 (out of 100 submissions) picked for this.  I wish I could tell you that it was a springboard to something bigger, whatever that might have been.....but, I am, still....and in all honesty, that suits me just fine.

In my original post about this, I envisioned getting the "exclusive" with LeBron James when he announced his intentions during "The Decision."  Hindsight being 20/20...I'm glad that didn't happen...not sure I'd have reacted too well to the "Prince" declaring his intent to head south.

Two down...8 spots left.  What's left on my list? 

Back tomorrow.

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