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Thursday, December 2, 2010

OHS Sports Hall of Fame Nominations

I was asked to post this on behalf of the Orrville Sports Hall of Fame committee and am happy to help get the word out.

The next induction isn't until next October but now is the time to start thinking about nominations.

Read below for all the details and for the nomination form and the entire list of previous induction classes.

Submitted by Darlene Morrison

OHS HOF looks for nominees

Mark your calendars. The 11th biennial Orrville High School Sports Hall of Fame induction will be held on Oct. 8, 2011 at Orrville High School.

Nominations are now being accepted. Forms are available at the Kent Smith’s office at Orrville High School, from any HOF board member and on Tim Snyder's Red Rider Sports blog site at

Nominees must be at least 25 years of age and out of OHS at least seven years to be eligible.

Nominations must include pertinent information about the nominees. A nomination is the only way one is considered for induction.

Officers are: Ron Bowman, president; J.D. Plybon, vice president; Kent Smith, executive secretary; Doug Davault, treasurer. Board members are: Sara Strugeon, Alan Auble, Sara Yehl, Bob Hershey, Jim Curtis, Bob Hardnett, Bob Shonk, Dave Yonto and Darlene Morrison.

The OHS Sports Hall of Fame became a reality in April, 1990 after Dick Saurer and the late Vernon "Pete" Curie, Wayne County Sports Hall of Fame members, took action.
I think last time an induction class was announced, there was a perception that alums weren't being inducted for whatever reason.  This makes it pretty clear that the committee does not nominate anyone for induction, they merely accept nominations and narrow the list based on set criteria.

I liken it to the "don't complain about who gets elected, when you don't vote" saying.

The nomination form is here. It will be housed in the drop down menu at the top of the page under the "Orrville Booster Club" heading for future reference.

Off the top of my head, I can think of several OHS alums that should be nominated, and would be easy inductees.  At least one on my list is a real puzzling omission, but I bet there's a reason behind it.  Like I said above, if they are not nominated, they'll never get inducted.  Two of the three I'm thinking of are state champions, and the third has to be in the top 5 of all-time greats in Orrville football history.

The list of inductees through the last class in 2009 is below (and will also be permanently housed under the "Orrville Booster Club" tab), click to view full size.

Commence nominations. Thanks to the advisory board and the Hall of Fame officers for involving me (in a small way) in the process. I hope the word gets out and quality nominations start rolling in.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to me that Renauld Ray and Marcell Denson are not on this list. 2 of the greatest athletes in multiple sports that Orrville has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I would Nominate:
Sly Slaughter
Marcell Denson
Anthony Durden
Dru Robinson
Andrew Brown
Tim Hiller
De-Vonne Howard

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I agree...Marcell and Renauld need to be in. But they need to be nominated by someone first.

Tim Hiller & Devonne Howard aren't 25 yet. Hiller can be nominated for the 2013 induction class. Probably another 4 years for Devonne to be eligible.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Brenner is the most underrated football player I have ever seen in high school. I know that is hard for a 1st team all-ohioan, but when talking about all-time greats his name is never brought up. He was a four year starter in basketball too. Stud.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

100% agreed. I think he's in the same boat as Tim Hiller. Will be eligible to be inducted in the 2013 class. Would be cool if Tim and Tommy were inducted in the same class.

Anonymous said...

Question, if someone was nominated previously and wasn't chosen. Can that person be nominated again.
Using the same info?

Anonymous said...

I want to nominate someone.
I don't have much information on them other than a few things.
Is there a limit on information being sumitted?

-Also, It would have been nice if Marcell & Renauld went in together.
Too late of course. Just a thought.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I would imagine if the person wasnt selected, the same info could be used again. Might want to seek out a board member or Kent Smith at the high school to make sure.

I doubt there's a minimum requirement on info, but the more the better I'd think.

And about Marcell & Renauld, neither are in the OHS Hall of Fame yet. Renauld was inducted into the WAYNE COUNTY Hall, but not the OHS Hall.