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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playoffs: Riders, Colts set for rematch

There's still a few things to shake out in the region, but Orrville and Clear Fork will face each other in a rematch of their week 9 battle.

Other games....
#1 Galion vs Eastwood. (If Oak Harbor beats Sandusky St. Mary's, then Pemberville Eastwood and Lorain Clearview will tie for the #8 seed. I believe the tiebreaker is 1st level points, and in that case, Eastwood would win the tiebreaker and be the #8 seed.) The tiebreaker is 3rd level points....I guess. Never knew anything beyond 2nd level points were even kept track of. Eastwood still gets the #8 seed. IMO, Galion is easily the weakest #1 seed in all of D4. Eastwood winning this game would not be a surprise in the least.

#2 Genoa vs #7 Milan Edison. Genoa appears to be the favorite in the region, their lowest offensive output for the season was 47 points and their defense pitched 7 shutouts, including the final 4 games of the season.

#4 Triway vs #5 Ottawa-Glandorf. Battle of the Titans, on paper, the best first round game in the region.

More on the Orrville/Clear Fork matchup later in the week.


Anonymous said...

Lets go Big Red!!!! Hopefully Tre is OK and will return. Better discipline last night and much better participation from the Orrville fans. Hopefully that all continues. It brought back memories of "Old School" Orrville football and maybe the rivalry is back. Wooster played pretty well. Lets keep the momentum going into the playoffs! Good Luck Riders

Anonymous said...

git her done saturday...jimbo