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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Besancon receives honor for Genoa performance

Well deserved honor for the senior signal caller.  Almost 400 yds of offense in one of the biggest playoff wins in school history. 

Details here. (Scroll down a bit)

For the season, Joey has exactly 2400 yards of total offense (1677 passing, 723 rushing) with 23 total TD's (14 passing, 9 rushing).

So far in 2 playoff games, he's gained a total of 623 yards (406 passing, 217 rushing) with 8 total TD's (4 each rushing and passing).

What's most impressive is his play has been mistake free, no fumbles or INT's through 2 games.

He and the rest of the Riders will seek the schools first regional title in 10 years this Saturday versus Ottawa-Glandorf at Tiffin.

Congrats Joey.  Got 3 more of those games in you?

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