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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feedback needed. Blog Wear?

Hey all, curious what you think of this shirt design. Is this something you'd wear or maybe even consider buying? The shirt is loosely (read: obviously) based on this cool Ohio State design. I'd love to use the "earned" slogan also, but don't want to be completely unoriginal.

Anyway, here's what I came up with....(if the image doesn't load, just refresh the page until it does)

Make custom t-shirts at

Here's a 2nd design...basically the same, just added "ORRVILLE," I think that gives the shirt a little more identity.

Make custom t-shirts at

One more...this time with RED RIDER at the top.

Make custom t-shirts at

Simple, effective, least I think so.

Not trying to make any money or anything (please don't click the "buy" button...yet), but just think Orrville t-shirt design could use a shot of originality. I'd, of course, work with local t-shirt makers if it ever came to actually producing them.

Just curious if anyone else thinks this is kind of cool or terrible or whatever. This would be good for the blackout this weekend. Maybe I can get one made just for me.

Thanks for giving it some thought...please be honest, good or bad...and let me know which of the 2 designs you like best, if you even like it.


5knots said...

I'll take five! Looks great! 2XL,1L,2S.

Anonymous said...

Shirts look cool...when can we get them?

Anonymous said...

The shirts look good, maybe try and add some red on there somehow! I will buy one though if you make them!!

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

i agree...some red would look good. The issue with shirts is that you pay for every color used. I tried to keep my first effort very simple.

I'd love to make a shirt that mimics our jersey...number on the front, sleeve stripes...basically a jersey but in a cotton t-shirt.

Unknown said...

So are these shirts available yet? Mimic the shirts from the spirit pack this year but want them just for whats on the back! :-)