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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

David Lee Morgan...Jim Isabella..Jonas just made "The List"

Pick against the Red Riders will ya?  I know I cancelled my subscription for a reason. :)

I guess I shouldn't complain...this is more respect that most are giving us in this game.

Beaven....thanks for the support.  Free Smuckers jelly is on the way.

Can't believe it's only week 2 and there's only 10 teams in the Akron Beacon's coverage area that are left....and Hillsdale being in the ABJ coverage area is a little bit of a stretch.


Anonymous said...

What these guys say doesn't matter. I dont believe theyh have followed Orrville like we have. We all know what this team is capable of. Its realistic to think that a few suspensions, injuries, and a missed extra point cost us 3 games. We were easily good enough to be 10-0 and if that would have happened I dont believe we would be the underdog here. Im calling out all Orrville fans right now- Be loud, be very loud, and stand on your feet on big 3rd down plays on defense. The Riders should know they have better fans and the band needs to play throughout the game to get the crowd and team pumped! Go Red Riders!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice coverage by the Beacon Journal on the riders' win over Genoa. One sentence. wow that's terrible.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

that's par for the course for the ABJ, they're really fallen off in terms of coverage. At one point, they could have justified an Orrville branch, they covered Orrville just like any other Akron school.

If you think 1 sentence was bad, it will only be worse this week.

No way they send someone to cover a game in Tiffin. They'll cover Mass/Mck and Chagrin Falls/Woodridge games and that'll be all.