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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

If you didn't know....Riders Hit Hard (UPDATED with some hate mail)

They sure do.

Add Genoa's Seth Dufendock (#10) to the list of Rider opponents who have felt the pain.

From an article in yesterday's Port Clinton News Herald.

From the article....
Dufendock also absorbed a nasty hit on an Orrville punt return in the first quarter. He was woozy and temporarily uncertain of his whereabouts before slowly walking off the field with the trainer.
I saw the block/hit but never got a number on the Orrville player.  Was it Raber? (UPDATE: It was Timmy Myers).  Whoever it was, that was a real pasting.  Whenever I see an opponent go down in a heap, I assume it was Chase, but I'm pretty sure it was someone else this time.

I really liked watching Dufendock play Saturday night, very tough and very talented, a kid you'd want on your team.  All gloating aside, sounds like a good kid that played through a lot of pain.

UPDATE: To the person (anonymous, of course) who sent a comment (that I wont publish) saying I'm "calling attention to a high school player" (negatively I assume) was an article in the you have the same problem with the Port Clinton Newspaper that printed the article?  And you apparently read right past the part where I called the kid tough and hard-nosed and a kid I'd want on my team. 

Feel free to disagree...but have the guts to sign your name to your comments calling me out and cursing at me.  Until then, your words are just as much "BS" as you claim my blog to be.  Thanks for visiting first piece of hate mail, does that mean I've "arrived?"


Anonymous said...

The player was Tim Myers.

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

I watched the film tonight and couldn't make out the number, but knew that it wasn't Raber. Myers makes sense. That was a solid hit.