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Thursday, November 5, 2009

There's "website dork," and there's "video game dork," I'm now both.

As if you didn't already know of my extreme dorkism....but I'm taking "nerd" to a whole new level....combining video games, Orrville Football and game predictions. 

Yes....I simulated this Saturday's Orrville-Clear Fork game via NCAA College Football '10 on the Xbox 360. 

The sad, sad evidence below.....

Now in my (only) defense, I didn't actually play the game, I let the computer control both teams.  It is pretty cool that you can create any team you want and play them in the game.  I didn't create either team, other fellow "nerds" did that for me.

Anyways, the visual proof....please think no less of me.

Riders 21, Colts 17...Jellytown over the Valley.

And if you think I won't do this again should the Riders be fortunate enough to be playing in week 12 and beyond, you're crazy.

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