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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashion Advice and an Arts & Crafts Project

Got this message in my email this morning. Doing my part to promote it.

Saturday's playoff game is going to be a black out, so anyone attending the game please dress in black to support the Red Riders!

Another idea that we came up with is to put little rocks or gravel into an empty milk jug, for an inexpensive noisemaker and another way to show your spirit!

Thank you!

I knew the milk jugs would make a comeback.....They were a staple of our playoff runs back in the late 90's. If there was only a milk company in town where we could get some jugs.

Oh. These guys. I'll guess they'll work.

I'll spare further critique of this idea in the name of showing school spirit. If this gets everyone loud and excited, great.

If you need some directions on making milk jug noisemakers (cause it's a tough project), please refer to this handy tutorial. Make sure you recycle the jug when it's days as a noisemaker are over. Mr. Duxbury (and Mother Earth) will apprecaite it.

Wear pink for all I care, just be loud.

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