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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great Run Riders, just ended a little soon....

I was hoping to be talking about how we're making our first final 4 apppearance in 10 years, and linking to a map to Brunswick High School (that would have been the site) and researching our opponent, Chargin Falls.....but instead it's this.

Tough game last night. Hated to see us beat ourselves. Take nothing away from O-G, they played mistake free and did what they needed to do, but we played our worst game since the Ashland game all the way back in week 7...and we still had the lead with 6 minutes left. A few more thoughts below...
A telling stat from our last 2 playoff games....

First half of the Genoa and O-G games - 40 total points, ZERO turnovers.
Second half of the Genoa and O-G games - 16 points, FOUR turnovers.

That's not Rider ball.....plain and simple.

Genoa came storming back on us last week, and we were lucky to survive (just being honest).....We gave O-G the momentum by fumbling the 2nd half kick and made numerous bad decisions (penalties & turnovers) and just couldn't get out of our own way.  It was certainly not the team that we saw last week, and not in the last few months for that matter.

The PAT miss was a simple block, not a miss, but the kid sure came off the edge untouched...I won't pile on our kicking game....that block was not the fault of the kicker, holder or was just a football of many that OG made last night.

All that said, it was a great night of football between 2 proud communities.  The drive to Tiffin was nice and smooth, the facility was great, our fans were loud and proud, and our kids gave an effort to be proud just wasn't to be....sadly.

Great effort by Chase, Tre (his best game in weeks) and Max, who was a beast on defense last night.

Thanks to the seniors for a great ride....this team went through a lot this season, and the fact that we were one of 48 teams in the state to suit up this past weekend is just another notch in the belt of our program and tradition......but you just can't help but think of what could have been.

Thanks to the readers and followers of this site.  The past month has seen record breaking statistics in terms of site visits, new visits and time spent on the site.  I understand that it's been this teams' success that has driven interest in the thanks to the team for giving me something to write about.

The comment section is open for your thoughts on the season (hopefully positive).

Here's to reloading for another run in 2010.  Go Riders!!!


Anonymous said...

Red Riders hold your head high. You had a great season!It may have ended too soon for you, but it was great!You may have lost as a team last night, but you also WON as a team so many more times!!!! I loved watching you play! I hope that rider fans will be patting these kids on the back when they see them and keep the nasty comments to themselves.(I heard way too much last night.Remeber these are KIDS not NFL, paid players!) The truth be told - Rider Football is awesome win or lose - we have so tough guys!!!

CometFan said...

Good run Orrville. Wanted to see you guys pound them to make us Comets look better, but sounded like you had the same kind of week we had last with our 3 turnovers, poor tackling and bad special teams play, easily our worst game since the 2007 playoff loss. Great year, maybe we'll see ya again next year.

Anonymous said...

Great season to the Riders. Really wish the XP's didn't hurt us in the time of need. Best of luck to all the seniors going on to play at the next level. Great run but we came up short fellow seniors.