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Monday, November 16, 2009

Poll: What's our greatest playoff win?

New Poll below....fresh off the heels of the Genoa win, it got me thinking...what has been our greatest playoff win...not the win that meant the most in terms of state titles or anything like that...but the game itself.

I'll submit the picks in no particular "other" if there's one not listed and expand on your choice via the comments section.

I don't mean to slight the 80's with only 2 games, there's 8 playoff wins in that decade, I remember being at several of them, but none strike me as "memorable."  Maybe that's what time does to your memory.  The 80's had plenty of memorable losses, but let's not focus on that.

Vote below....and let's chat it up in the comments section. Give your vote some thought, I know the Genoa game was great and there's plenty to be said about that game being the greatest win...but review all the games on the list and try not to let the "newness" of the Genoa win cloud your judgement. There's some really special and great games on that list.

Have fun...and you can select multiple answers if you just can't settle on one game....but try to pick no more than 2.

Note: The game against Youngstown Rayen was in 1985, not in 1986. Typo on my part, and can't be fixed since it's a poll.

What was Orrville's most memorable playoff win?


BigRed said...

I believe it was in 1985 (not sure) when we beat Loudonville at Mansfield Arlin Field. We had a goal line stand to preserve the win and we played under only 1/2 of the lights. What a night!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim In this order I would say this:

#1 Coldwater - they had us beat and the frosh Zwick drove us down the field for the win
#2 Huron - Up 35-0 some Riders fans left
#3 - Genoa - My throat is still sore. Their fans were very arrogant. It was one for the ages. Great game

5knots said...

Stat Title game was huge. Ursuline game nobody gave us a chance.....but with JJHuddle onto the scene the past few years, this Genoa game had the table set more than any other. What were there...23,000 views of the pregame thread and that was before Thursday? Never witnessed the arrogance and disrespect I saw the other night. For me, that makes the Victory over the Comets one to remember for a while...

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this, but Joey Besancon recieved a Week #12 Big Dog award on I don't think that's been posted here yet...not that I've seen, anyway.

Way to go Joey, and way to go Riders!

Dean Jantzen

Red Rider Sports Blog (Tim Snyder) said...

It was can read more about that game here (

good point. It's much easier to gauge another fanbase's respect (or lack thereof) with the prevalence of message boards these days, and that certainly made it so sweet to beat Genoa.

Thanks for pointing that out...I've been a little anti-huddle lately, but I'll be sure to land that info on the homepage.